Flea Market 15 and 16 June


You can register for both ‘flea markets’. On Saturday you can also have a stand with retro material that is not bicycle related. It must be authentic retro stuff. On Sundays, only retro cycling equipment can be sold.

Dimensions of the tables: 2m x 70cm
Dimensions of the stand: 1.5m depth x the number of m

The organization reserves the right to refuse exhibitors or products for sale that do not meet the above conditions. In case of complete refusal, the deposit will not be refunded.

Professionals: please email us for rates at info@retroronde.be

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  • Retro flea market Saturday, June 15 (10u - 17u)
  • Number of tables (Saturday, June 15)
  • Retro flea market Sunday, June 16 (10u - 14u)
  • Number of tables (Sunday, June 16)
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