At Velofinesse we experience -how could it be otherwise- the Finesse of authentic cycling. We love Retro bikes and provide a total experience in the wonderful world of this sport!

Velofinesse brings the story of the real racing heroes. Those who spend hours tugging at the lead, fetching drink cans and handing over their bikes in the event of the leader's breakdown. Not always the first but often the strongest. We honor these heroes by placing them on the highest scaffold of our Velofinesse podium!

Our logo incorporates a "wildebeest." For Velofinesse, this animal perfectly symbolizes our story. Wildebeests travel thousands of kilometers per year in the service of the herd. They are not among the "Big 5", but they excel in their endurance. A logical and distinctive brand for Velofinesse.!

Velofinesse continually searches for unique course products.

Be sure to discover our own T-shirts and sweaters with fun cycling quotes.

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