Free Kwaremont Beer at the finish

2015-05-18 | Joeri

You'll get a nice Kwaremont Beer at the finish line!

Be part of it!

2015-01-26 | Joeri

Be there for the weekend of 13 and 14 June in Oudenaarde. A beautiful course with original food stops, international participants, the retro ball, the criterion on the big square, the swap meet etc ... More details will follow in the approach of the event.


Edition 2015!

2014-09-30 | retro

The Retro Ronde is held next year on 13-14 June in Oudenaarde. Write it down! The online registration will start around December 1.

Thanks for joining!

2014-06-17 | Joeri

Together with 860 participants from 21 different nationalities we had a really great weekend! 
The Jaegher bike went to Flandrien Dieter Gusse from Deinze (Belgium). 
Winners from the Retro Criterium on Saturday are: 
  • Single Speed​​: Marner Christoph 
  • Fixed Gear: Jeffrey Gould 
  • High Bicycle: Amandt Ignace 
  • Multispeed: Wim Verbraeken
Winners of the Ravissantste Retro Round Renner: 
  • Frank Patitz & woman from Leipzig, Germany 
  • Barruzzo France from Villard-Bonnot, France 
  • Cappelletto Christian from Treviso, Italy 
  • Jopie van Wegen from Eemnes, Netherlands
Thank you for your colorful participation!

Video 2013

2013-07-08 | Joeri


RetroRonde in 'Velo - 2nd gear'

2013-02-13 | retro

RetroRonde published in 'Velo - 2nd gear'!


2015-05-18 | You'll get a nice Kwaremont Beer at the finish line! Read more...