Register here in advance.

The finalization of the registration will be in a nice hall of the Abbey of Maagdendale.  You’re also welcome on Saturday to get your backnumber. Then you’ll only need to sign the start sheet on Sunday morning.


Opening hours registrations: 
Saturday, from 10:00 to 18:00
Sunday, from 8:00 am to 10:45 am

Upon registration, you will receive:
- A RetroRonde back number and safety pins. This unique back number is also a wonderful souvenir.
- You will also get a wrist band with the same number so that your bike gets in the guarded bicycle park faster and at a possible incident we'll know faster who's the bike from. You wear this wristband best all weekend.
- A trail map / control card, which entitles you to eat & drink on our fantastic supply points, including the final supply at the arrival. The emergency number is also on it so keep this card with you.
- A reduction voucher for a visit to the renewed Tour of Flanders Museum (RoM) 

Participation fee


40km = €25
75/100km = €30

The price is the same whether you have a license of a cycling federation or not. Those who don’t have a license or insurance are insured for free through sports federation 'Sport Vlaanderen'. Each participant registered gets a chance to win an Eddy Merckx bicycle at our raffle on Sunday afternoon at 17h00 (only among those who are present and in the right clothing). You might also be elected for the 'Ravissantste RetroRondeRenner' and win some prizes.

Retro Sprint:
€6 per entry, including starting numbers, additional insurance and a souvenir. Sign up in advance via the registration page.
Retro Soirée:
Free. Till 23h (if we have no rain) Come enjoy an evening of entertainment, food, dance and music!
Bicycle Swap Meet:
Who wants to get a table at our bike jumble can. Register also via the registration page. Subsequently we communicate your location etc. When enough interest, we will also have a little bike jumble ion sunday morning. 


After the ride, you can get a free photo portrait. The pictures can be downloaded free a few days later from our website or you can tag yourself at (like us!).


The group start is seperated. The start of the long distances (75 km and 100 km) is at 10h30. The riders of 40 km start at 11h15. There will be a parade in the center of the town Oudenaarde for both groups.

While riding

• During the tour you will be accompanied by some retro motorbikes and classic cars.
• There are two food supplies in the track of 40 km and four in the track of 75 and 100 km. On these spots we also provide some technical assistance.
• There are two broom wagons. Call us, and they 'll pick you up if necessary.
• The emergency medical number is simply 112, afterwards you can call our emergency number (0479/800409).
• Who started the 100km route may decide to choose a shorter path. Who started the 75km or 40km route can not really shorten the route.
Good to know: Who will follow 75/100km will be first presented the trickiest part. 


On arrival you will receive a souvenir and a free Kwaremont-beer. Around 5.00 p.m. there will be a prize give-away (see further). Showers can be used for free in the Center Tour of Flanders.

Inspect your equipment in advance

We recommend that your equipment (pedals, brake pads, gears, tubulars ..) gets a thorough check before coming to Oudenaarde. The old (er) material is often more sensitive to defects. It would be a shame to quit the beautiful bike ride.

How to reach us

You would be best to park your car at the back of the Tour of Flanders Centre (parking Ham) near the Scheldt (river). There are arrows ‘P Ham' from the junction of the national road N60 or you can tap "Smallendam - Oudenaarde" into your GPS and get straight to the spot. The event is held at the other side of the river.


Find your accommodation or camping here