You also determine the unique atmosphere of the event! 







Conditions of participation

People who are allowed to participate in the "RetroRonde":
(40/75/100km + criterium + Paterberg & Koppenberg vintage ride)

• Riders with a vintage racing bike
• Cyclists on ordinary vintage bicycles (before 1987, no racing bike)
• Riders on fixed gear bicycles and singlespeeds of steel

If there are gears on your bike, the gear levers should be mounted on the frame. So no shifters on the handlebar. Ordinary pedals or pedals with hooks & straps. So no clipless pedals. Be in a retro outfit or replica outfit without modern accessories.

People who are only allowed to participate in the 40 km-track (start at 11.15 a.m.):

• Cyclists on recent vintage bikes in a vintage outfit.
• Special vehicles: original solex, derny,...

The following persons are not allowed to participate:

• Racing bikes with gears on the handlebar and/or with clipless pedals
• Mountainbikes or electric bicycles
• not retro-looking bikes
• carbon bicycles or units
• Riding a retro bike, but not retro-looking outfit










When registrating for the event, you confirm to have read the regulations above.

Those who do not respect the rules above may be asked to hand in their number and will not get access to the food stops. In that case there will be no refund of the registration fee.

In case of doubt, do not hesitate to send an email with photo to


General Rules Retro Ronde

• The Retro Ronde ride on Sunday, June 12th, 2016 is not a competition. There is no classification.
• Enrolment is voluntary.
• A competitor is officially registered if he/she is the registration form has been completed and sent, and if the fee is paid into the bank account . An insurance for the participant is included in the price.

• Participants certify being in excellent health and take part at their own risk.

• Participants must adhere to the traffic rules.
• Each participant is expected not to damage nature or bring harm to other people's property and not to leave waste behind.
• New material (tubulars, braking cables...) may apply to repairs by our technical assistance, this material shall be paid by the participant.
• The participant is personally liable for all damage caused by own fault, negligence and/or carelessness.
• Participants indemnify the organization, and persons acting for or on behalf of the organization, from all liability.
• Participants must follow the instructions of the organization when needed.
• The organization has the right to disqualify if deemed necessary.
• The data of the participants will be collected in a file. This file can be used for mailings from the organizer. Participants who ask to be removed from the list will not be included in the file.
• Participants agree to any use of image in print, photograph, film, video for promotional purposes of the RetroRonde without receiving any compensation.
• If the participant cancels his registration before June 1st 2016, he gets his own contribution paid back, after june 1st 2016 you cannot longer claim the own contribution. In case of serious illness or family circumstances the organization decides whether the contribution is returned or not.
• The organization reserves the right to change certain parts of the route or cancel the entire event under extreme weather conditions or other emergencies. In case of cancellation there will be no refund of the entry fee.
• Participants in this event agree to have taken notice of these regulations.
• In all other cases decisions are made by the organization.